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Aleks Lajovic. Sales & Marketing Manager at Impact International which designs and manufactures food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical tubes, uses a device to demonstrates the anti-counterfeiting technology located at the company New Zealand's total exports to China have quadrupled to NZ$12 billion ($8.62 billion) since physician home construction loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 2007, most of them being food and beverage products. Australia agriculture exports to China were worth around A$10 billion ($7.67 billion) in 2016, double the amount five years earlier. QUICK RESPONSE Widespread use of apps like WeChat, owned by Chinese internet giant Tencent Holdings, and developments in technology like machine learning have made it easier and cheaper for smaller tech firms to develop anti-counterfeiting technologies. That lower cost base has brought what tracking systems that were previously solely in the realm of multinational giants like HP and Walmart within reach of the small to mid-level firms that are the backbone of the food and drink business in New Zealand and Australia. Oritain charges customers NZ$300-700 per isotope test product, while for from around NZ$200 a month, Auckland-based Trust Codes supplies a machine-learning algorithm that can pull data from consumers' phones in China when they scan a product's encrypted Quick Response, or QR, packaging code. At Auckland manuka honey firm Oceania Natural, Chief Executive Walker Zhong said he used his knowledge of Chinese consumers' shopping, social media habits and liking of convenience in building Oceania's own scanning system at a cost of NZ$1 million. Backed by a Chinese insurer, Oceania see this Chiropractor mortgage Natural's tool revolves around WeChat - which Zhong knew Chinese consumers would already have on their smartphones - sending an alert if the scannable code on product has been used before, indicating in one step whether it's genuine. "China consumers...they don't like to use two steps or three steps to verify your product is genuine," said Zhong. Pitfalls remain. Packaging can be tampered with, or even faked, and that many exports like meat are physician home construction loan Oak Laurel 0430129662 still sent to China in bulk shipments without any packaging for consumers at all.

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